Nursing Services

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nursing services

  • Nursing Matron Activities:
    • Supervise patients nursing care activities
    • Oversees adherence of nurses to professional ethics
    • Manages the patients’s care setting (Cleanliness, movement of people etc)
    • Ensures resources for patient treatment and care are in place in their respective wards (drugs, equipment, supplies)
    • Respond to patients’s complaints.
  • Hospital quality improvement and audit unit activities:
    • Coodinates quality improvement activities at the hospital
    • Conducts quarterly audits on clinical practices
    • Produces quality improvement procedures, standards, guidelines and auditing tools
    • Supervices and produces a monthly patient management duties and nursing care report to management.
  • Hospital Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Health Care Waste Management unit Activities:
    • Monitor infection prevention control activities at the hospital
    • Conducts training on infection prevention control and health care wastes management.
    • Distributes sharp boxes, waste disposal bags and containers
    • Produces manuals and standards guidelines on IPC
  • Hospital Health Education and Counselling Unit Activities:
    • Monitor health education and counseling activities at the hospital
    • Produces manuals, standards guidelines on health educatin & counseling materials.
    • Conduct individual health education/counseling or group health education on daily basis.
    • Hospital Central Sterilization and Supplies Unit Activites
  • Hospital Central Sterilization and Supplies Unit Activites:
    • Conducts sterilization of all hospital equipment and supplies
    • Distributes sterile equipment to clinical service delivery points.
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