The department of ICT at Rubya Hospital officially started in 2013 aimed to oversee and manage the Hospital Information Systems and other issues related to information technology within the Hospital. Main activities are,

  • To Implement all related computer projects at RDDH
  • To Advise RDDH management on the best way to acquire software and hardware so that to get the value for money
  • To maintain Hospital Management Information Systems
  • To provide Email, Internet facilities and services
  • To provide Computer Technical Support and Maintenance
  • To conduct Computer Training to RDDH staffs
  • To update and maintain RDDH Website
  • To Install, expand and maintain RDDH Local Area Network
  • To provide End user support


 ICT improvements

  • Implementing Electronic Health Record (Hospital Information System) to provide a common source of information about a patient’s health history especially (Patient full details, payment records, Patient History, Lab investigation and result record, Drug and dosage record).
  • Decrease of billing processing time and improvement of accurate billing system
  • The system to keep data in a secure place and to control who can reach the data
  • Reduction of transcription errors, and of duplication of information entries
  • Availability of Internet all the Time
  • Availability of Hospital Website (
  • Increase OPD patient attendance clear report through Electronic Health Record System (January – December 2016  Total = 27742, Female 16380 and Male 11362 )
  • To enable Doctors to send and receive Laboratory and Pharmacy orders, reports, and results on time and faster.