The Hospital is situated in Kagera Region in North West Tanzania. Kagera Region is bordered by Uganda to the North, Rwanda and Burundi to the West and Lake Victoria to the East. The region is divided into 8 Districts, Muleba being one of them.

Rubya is the Designated Hospital for Muleba District. Muleba District covers an area of approximately 2500 square kilometers with a total population of 573,213 inhabitants according to census of 2012 and (NBS) for Kagera Region Projection of 3% per year. It has 5 main divisions, Nshamba 116,244, Muleba 82,896, Kamachumu 56,452, Kimwani 172,168, and Izigo 95,453 with above total population size for Muleba District. Moreover, the District has 31 wards and 167 Villages with total Male 284,310 and Female 288,903.

The beginning of Rubya Hospital was initiated by the Roman Catholic Missionaries from Germany in the years 1920 to 1930. From then they prepared Mr. Leo Rufulebe to take over the medical services which was enhanced by Father Otto Mors in the early 1940 – 1950. The services were provided at a Modest Dispensary attached to the Parish church.

Until 1956 Rubya Hospital was officially opened by Franciscan Sisters of Breda from Netherlands, the hospital gradually developed from a small pre-existing dispensary with 20 maternity beds. Over the years the complex was expanded until it reached its present shape.



After signing the contract between the Government of Tanzania and Bukoba Catholic Diocese authority, the hospital became the Designated District Hospital for Muleba District in 1977.

 Official bed capacity which was agreed in 1977 is 162, the Government play a big role of the running cost of the hospital. To date, the hospital has remained under the ownership of Bukoba Catholic Diocese. Since 1977 the Government was covering all cost for treatment of patients thus patients were not paying anything for the services, but in February 1994 cost sharing was introduced as stipulated by the government. However, children under five years, pregnant mothers, poor/old people above sixty years of age verified by village authority and those HIV patients on ARV are treated free of charge. Since then, Rubya Hospital has a main building containing the theatre, an X-ray room, CTC, mortuary, the pharmacy and administration offices. Besides there are six wards: male ward, female ward, children ward, maternity ward, and a nutrition unit. There is a separate outpatients department containing the laboratory and a separate unit for reproductive and child health.

 In 1963 Rubya Nurses Training Centre was opened. It provided three years courses in general nursing and in 1970 a one year course in midwifery was added. The certificate course ended in 2007. In the year 2004 upgrading Diploma course in nursing was started, the first bunch graduated on August 2006. In the year 2008 we have opened an integrated nursing school the overall intake pre services and in services nurse students per year in 50 and 35 nurses respectively. Either in 2014 the idea of changing the status of Rubya School of Nursing to become an Institute was developed and achieved in October 2014 where other department of Laboratory was added. The new name for the school becomes Rubya Health Training Institute (RHTI). In September 2015 the other two departments added, one of clinical medicine with 46 students and community health workers with 30 students.

Our Mission

To become the best health care provider in Kagera Region.

Our Vision

To provide comprehensive health care through curative and preventive  services with the help of Jesus Christ the Healer.

Our Goal

To offer high quality health care to the beneficiaries/ client at affordable cost.