• BRN Assessor visit Rubya hospital Dec 11, 2017
  • Lightning protection on progress
  • Rubya Health Training Institute
  • New pharmacy on progress
  • Rubya Hosp Nyakaina Hotel & Restaurent
  • Friends Of Rubya Vist new Sewage System
  • Rubya Hospital Main Gate
  • Optic Department
  • Clinician listen patient and use a computer to write clinical details
  • Laboratory Technician send Patient investigation Result to doctor throught a Computer System
  • Palliative Care Team Vist Client on a village
  • Pharmacy despencing drugs by using a computer/system




Medical Services                 Rubya Hospital offers medical services round the clock (24/7) for both IN and OUT patients.


Outreach / Programs                   Rubya Hospital runs an outreach program where by doctors and nurses visit our clients.

Rubya Health Training Institute      Rubya Hospital as a learning center for Clinical Medicine,Laboratory Science, Nursing & Community.

Welcome to the official website of Rubya Designated District Hospital (RDDH). 

The Hospital is situated in Kagera Region in North West Tanzania. Kagera Region is bordered by Uganda to the North, Rwanda and Burundi to the West and Lake Victoria to the East. The region is divided into 8 Districts, Muleba being one of them.

Rubya is the Designated Hospital for Muleba District. Muleba District covers an area of approximately 2500 square kilometers with a total population of 573,213 inhabitants according to census of 2012 and (NBS) for Kagera Region Projection of 3% per year. It has 5 main divisions, Nshamba 116,244, Muleba 82,896, Kamachumu 56,452, Kimwani 172,168, and Izigo 95,453 with above total population size for Muleba District. Moreover, the District has 31 wards and 167 Villages with total Male 284,310 and Female 288,903.

The beginning of Rubya Hospital was initiated by the Roman Catholic Missionaries from Germany in the years 1920 to 1930. From then they prepared Mr. Leo Rufulebe to take over the medical services which was enhanced by Father Otto Mors in the early 1940 – 1950. The services were provided at a Modest Dispensary attached to the Parish church.

Until 1956 Rubya Hospital was officially opened by Franciscan Sisters of Breda from Netherlands, the hospital gradually developed from a small pre-existing dispensary with 20 maternity beds. Over the years the complex was expanded until it reached its present shape.